I like getting older ...

& the resulting wrinkles on my face.

It’s not that life gets any easier, it’s just that you get so much better at dealing with the frustrations of living. ⁣

With age, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of myself. ⁣

This, in turn gave me clarity as to what and who is really important in my life. ⁣

It’s taught me also to be more understanding of others people’s weaknesses as I delve and try to improve my own numerous ones. ⁣

It’s taught me to be more forgiving and less impatient with the people or events in my life - recognizing that they often also just need time and sometimes some loving guidance to get there - and therefore not to judge so harshly. ⁣

It’s also taught me to accept the people in my life for who they are - at this moment. ⁣

And with acceptance of it all... comes great liberation and peace. And while the years add on the wrinkles - they are well worth the new tranquility they usher. ⁣

“When I was young, I wanted to change the world. Now, I am wise - so I am changing myself.”

This picture was shot on my #HasselbladX1DII. Having tons of fun picking up a new hobby :)