The fewest battles win the war...

I have only 3 moves to make in 2021 and I already played and won the first.

I used to be that annoying guy in traffic - the one that cuts off everyone and zig zags his way thru lanes in hopes of shaving precious seconds and minutes to get there faster.

⁣Today, I stand tall in my steady, big fat SUV. Having that height gives me the vision I need to plan the 1 or 2 lane changes that will get me there faster than those a-types still zipping thru.

I drive slowly, carefully, stress-free and causing as few ripples to the traffic, people around or behind me, as possible. Understanding what’s ahead, what needs to be done and when, requires vision.

Life is very similar... Getting there (faster) is less about how much you do than about what you do.

⁣My recipe?

I have a clear vision about where I want to go and I plan the fewest, easiest possible steps to get there.

I spend an afternoon or more a year on a deeply meditative state where I try to sift thru the noise and figure out what are the 2-3 things I need to do this year that will substantially better my life.

Picking no more than 3 items ensures that you’ll reach your goals (there’s plenty of science on that) and more importantly - ensures you focus on the absolute most important moves (that’s sifting thru the noise).

I then spend a few minutes every day to think about which 3 activities I need to do that day that will move the needle the most on any of my objectives and I start my day with those.

Bringing clarity and focus to your life, your priorities and your energies ensures that they don’t get hijacked by the demands of life (from kids to emails to incessant interruptions pulling us in every direction).

So please don’t fight every battle... you’ll find yourself breathless and advancing thinly on too many fronts. They are hard to win and impossible to sustain.

This way, you’ll have more energy towards that things that matter and your renewed focus will ensure that you are progressing fast on the few fronts you have chosen.

The changes to a better and meaningful life can be felt instantly.