Great Reviews for Ad-Aware 11

Ad-Aware 11 has definitely brought us back to the antivirus map. We have been receiving extremely positive review from various influential editors from a number of our download partners. We are overjoyed with the pleasant feedback!

Here are some of the reviews we received from all over the globe since the launch:


Image5 Stars – “Spectacular! We’d go so far as to recommend their toolbar!”


soft5 Stars – “Ad-Aware beat all the other applications with a 99.7% success rate.”

CHIP Online
chip5 Stars – “Tracks the current most widespread spyware tools.”

commss    5 Stars – “Effective protection without conflicts and slowdowns that can occur when using multiple vendors.”


tamin      5 Stars – “Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + offers users a full-fledged security solution.”


monk5 Stars – “A secure and reliable protection tool from viruses, ads and spyware programs…”

Giga Software

giga 5 stars – “Continuous protection from identity theft”

html4.5 Stars – “A reliable double scanning engine and it’s free!”


techhack4.5 Stars – “It detects viruses and malware effectively on infected laptops and desktops… with fast scan times.”


01net         4 Stars – “This latest version features a new, more fluid interface, providing faster access to different functions.”


softonic       4 Stars – “Antivirus engine is efficient and lightweight with anti -spyware engine is one of the best on the market!”

instalsski     4 Stars – “Effective anti-virus program running in real time.”







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