About Daniel Assouline – Montreal…


Born in Montreal, Canada in 1969.   Love the country, its people and our city.

I have since lived in Zaire (Congo now), Guadeloupe, France, USA and Mexico (in that order).   All pleasant experiences in their own rights.   Feel European in mind, North-American at heart.

I am a proud father of 4 children.   Retiring (as soon as I can possibly make that happen).  Enjoy the simple (and not simple) pleasures of life:   reading, boating, eating well and spending good moments with friends and family…

I have a real passion for the sea and thoroughly enjoy boating.   There’s nothing like spending a few weeks away from the internet, phone with the people who are close to me.  I have also recently discovered a new passion (dare I say talent?) for cooking.   I find myself buying cooking magazines, trying out new recipes, buying new kitchen knives (bought some really cool Japanese ones).   It’s been a lot of fun.

Favorite books:  The world of yesterday (Stefan Zweig), A brief history of nearly everything (Bill Bryson), Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky).

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