Lavasoft Confirms Its Commitment to Privacy – Antivirus Maker Does Not & Will Never Sell Customer Information

MONTREAL – Lavasoft today reiterated its firm pledge to keep sensitive user information confidential, as part of the company’s ongoing dedication to protecting its customers. Lavasoft’s top priority has always been its users’ privacy – making confidentiality the most important part of its business.

“Lavasoft exists to help customers preserve their privacy and protect their data from falling into the wrong hands. This is the driving force behind everything we do, and that will never change,” said Daniel Assouline, CEO at Lavasoft. “To that end we do not and will not share any customer data with any third parties. Our users can trust that will always be the case no matter which of our products they’re running.”

Today, consumers are expected to enter their personal information when signing up for new products or services — including credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers, etc. Each of these come with a privacy policy—however, more often than not, consumers click “accept” without reading through the lengthy privacy policy. Later, they may find their personal information is being gathered by the respective companies and sold to third parties.

Since 1999, Lavasoft has held firm to not sell personal and or non-personal data to any third parties, including advertisers.

As stated in its policy,

“Lavasoft will not share Your Personal Information with any third party except as set forth in this Privacy Policy or if Lavasoft receives your prior permission. Please note in this respect that Lavasoft uses third party hosting service providers for the provision of the Lavasoft Sites and that Lavasoft uses third party service providers for the provision of certain services offered through the Lavasoft Sites, including but not limited to e-mail marketing campaigns, provisions of Lavasoft newsletters, press releases and/or special offers.”

To read more, visit Lavasoft’s privacy policy page here.

“Lavasoft’s focus on privacy has not changed since its founding in 1999 and we will continue to uphold the same privacy standards moving forward,” said Assouline. “As vendors update their privacy policies at length, consumers should educate themselves, and keep a close eye on these changes.”

About Lavasoft

Lavasoft is the maker of Ad-Aware, the world’s No. 1 free antivirus software. Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is the original anti-malware company, creating award-winning, free security and privacy software. Born of the belief that online security should be available to everyone, Lavasoft offers millions of users maximum protection for their computers and online identities. With nearly 500 million downloads, its flagship product Ad-Aware has blocked and removed billions of threats, saving consumers from all forms of attack and malware – including viruses, spyware, adware, phishing and drive-by downloads. Lavasoft is a global company with operations in North America and Europe. For more information, visit

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Superfish / Lenovo Bundle Fiasco…

Even when good companies (Lenovo) try to do the right thing, transparency to its users and the overall community is key.   Here’s a small article published on ABC News where I am quoted.    Read more >>

OPSWAT Certification for Ad-Aware 11

In February, we received another great appraisal and recognition. This time, OPSWAT has awarded several of Lavasoft’s signature products an OPSWAT Certification.

Ad-Aware 11 products, Free Antivirus+, Personal Security and Pro Security have received the OPSWAT Certification in Gold and Silver. They are now compatible with leading technology solutions that employ the OESIS Framework and will be visible on their management consoles.

OPSWAT Certification validates that security applications are compatible with leading network and technology solutions, so that users experience fewer issues. A high level of compatibility for security applications is important for home users and students, system administrators, and software vendors.

Here are some of the certifications we received:


Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 11.x – Gold Antispyware
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 11.x — Gold Antivirus
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.x – Silver Antiphishing
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.x – Gold Antispyware
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.x – Gold Antivirus
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security 11.x – Silver Antiphishing
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security 11.x – Gold Antispyware
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security 11.x – Gold Antivirus

This is certainly another great achievement for the Lavasoft team!

All of our Ad-Aware products that received the new certifications can be found on Opswat’s blog. For more information, please click here

VB100 Comparative Review on Windows 8.1 – Ad-Aware 11 Free Antivirus+

ImageWe received impressive reviews from Virus Bulletin’s VB100 Testing on Ad-Aware 11 Free Antivirus+. We are very honored to be able to secure the top spots alongside with the other big guys.

The basic requirements for a product to achieve VB100 certification status are that it detects, both on demand and on access, in its default settings, all malware known to be ‘In the Wild’ at the time of the review, and that it generates no false positives when scanning a set of known clean files.
Various other tests are also carried out as part of the comparative review process, including speed and overhead measurements and ‘RAP’ (Reactive and Proactive) tests.

Based on the VB100 Testing, Ad-Aware Antivirus+ was deemed very impressive, well deserved VB100 Award” and “a much more improved product”.

We saw some major changes for Lavasoft this month with a new front end combined with a new engine under the cover.
• “The new interface looks great, with a nice simple layout and a good set of options”
• “It also seemed nice and responsive under heavy stress.”
• “CPU use was very low and our set of activities ran through very quickly.”
• “Detection was very good indeed, especially in the proactive sets.”

Based on Virus Bulletin’s tests in December 2013, we can proudly say that Ad-Aware has proven to be the top 3 best antivirus, let alone the best free antivirus and also has one of the fastest machine out there… 🙂


Comparison of performance and set test results (Free antivirus programs)

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Main version: 11.0.4555.0
Update versions: N/A
Last 6 tests: 3 passed, 0 failed, 3 no entry
Last 12 tests: 3 passed, 1 failed, 8 no entry
ItW Std 100.00% ItW Std (o/a) 100.00%
ItW Extd 100.00% ItW Extd (o/a) 100.00%
False positives 0 Stability Solid
RAP Score: 88.1%


AVG Internet Security 2014

Main version: 2014.0.4158
Update versions: 3614/6769, 3629/6835, 3629/6849,
2013.0.4259 3629/6874
Last 6 tests: 5 passed, 1 failed, 0 no entry
Last 12 tests: 10 passed, 2 failed, 0 no entry
ItW Std 100.00% ItW Std (o/a) 100.00%
ItW Extd 100.00% ItW Extd (o/a) 100.00%
False positives 0 Stability Buggy
RAP Score: 78.7%


Avira Free Antivirus

Main version:
Update versions:,,, /
Last 6 tests: 3 passed, 0 failed, 3 no entry
Last 12 tests: 5 passed, 0 failed, 7 no entry
ItW Std 100.00% ItW Std (o/a) 100.00%
ItW Extd 100.00% ItW Extd (o/a) 100.00%
False positives 0 Stability Solid
RAP Score: 84%


Ad-Aware 11 Free Video Review

Ad-Aware 11 Free Video WinSevenHolic

Thanks WinSevenHolic for another great review of Ad-Aware 11 Beta this time.   His conclusions:


  • Very light on the system
  • Nice UI
  • Great protection


  • Nothing  – yeah, you read that right 😉

In his opinion:

“I recommend this product to use, when FINAL version is released.  Based on this test, Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is really great and blocks almost all malicious links and the new UI is really nice.  I really like it.

Decreasing RAM usage would be good (we’re working on it for final version).

Keep up the great work Ad-Aware team!  I support always.  🙂 “

Thanks WinSevenHolic!   We appreciate your review!



Ad-Aware 11 Free Review – Prevention is better than cure

Ad-Aware 11 Free vs MalwareBytes vs SuperAntiSpyware.

Wow.   18 months of hard work really pays off.   Another video review of Ad-Aware 11 Free Beta just came in with glorious results.   PC Security Stuff’s conclusions:

  • Ad-Aware 11 Free Beta  (review starts at 6:23 minutes)
    • Stopped all infections.
    • Prevention is better than cure – it detects and quarantines malware before it can run.
    • Serious anti-malware protection – highly recommended
  • Malware Bytes and Super AntiSpyware
    • Both lack real time protection and were unable to stop infections from taking place
    • Low detection rates:  MBAM and SAS both have trouble dealing with serious infections
    • Verdict:   The MBAM and SAS machines remained completely infected.
  • Overall
    • MBAM & SAS still have a lot of work to do to catch up with Ad-Aware 11 Free

Doesn’t get much better than this…